Florence Biotteau, kinesithérapeute et praticienne Feldenkrais12376714_10153815130182940_2241739028117268851_n

La méthode Feldenkrais est une approche globale incroyablement puissante utilisant les extraordinaires pouvoirs du cerveau quant à ses capacités à développer de nouvelles connexions notamment dans la prise en charge des enfants aux besoins spécifiques. Stimuler les fonctions déjà présentes afin d’en favoriser de nouvelles tout au long de l’apprentissage psychomoteur, ce qui permet à l’enfant de dépasser ses limitations en misant sur ses compétences latentes.

Radu ’s parents,Tatiana and Cristian Ghita 11949533_10206533127201265_1564912687_n

Radu is a 12 years child born prematurely , severely affected by hypoxia at birth with cerebral haemorrhage Grade IV and hydrocephalus.
After the initial interventions and stabilization of intensive care, he received classical recovery (kinetotherapy) from age  6 months, made in clinics and specialized centres in the country and abroad , and several series of HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy).
When I found out about the Feldenkrais therapy and Marta’s arrival to Bucharest, Radu was 10 years old with motor level of 4-5 months. I remember that in the first sessions we were very impressed by delicate and dedicated Marta’s work and especially, Radu’s reactions.  He was very attentive to what was happening with him.  It was Radu’s first given opportunity to process the information received.
The first objective of Marta  was the integration of rolling action which Radu made it in the past with limitations and difficulty.  With great joy we found that after the first series of meetings Radu was able to roll more easily. With every session small ‘pieces’ in this informational puzzle were added. Radu easy learned the correct movement to crawl and to roll including rolling from difficult positions (with spastic left hand).  At present time, after almost two years, we are heading slowly towards sitting position. Pleasant progress and improvements were noted about his attention, concentration, awareness about what is happening around as well as communication. We know now that his affected brain, need only to receive the correct information and time to process it, because still has potential.We would like to continue for as long as possible the intensive therapy sessions conducted by Marta.  We are grateful for Marta’s professionalism and we thank her very much for her grace and dedication.